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Raising Our Fur Babies

It is no easy task introducing new furry lives into the world that brings so much joy to their human families, but it is unbelievably rewarding seeing the smiles they bring to everyone they encounter. We want to make sure our puppies have the very best start in life so they can reach their full potential, and we are not afraid to go the extra step to make sure they are everything they were meant to be. There is no better dog than the Labradoodle to pour our time and hearts into, for they were born knowing exactly how to be that devoted best friend every human needs, and we love them for it.  

From day one

Our puppies are delivered in their own whelping box inside our home. They have their own little corner area off our family room so they have security but also hear the normal hustle and bustle of family life. At this stage, we expose the puppies to early stimulation daily. Our mothers are wonderful about keeping their area clean and tidy and let us know when they need to go outside. At first our mother stays very close to her puppies, wanting to keep an eye on them at all times, but when the puppies are around 2 weeks old, the mother also enjoys break times periodically running around the house.

3-6 weeks

 At this age, the puppies are beginning to show their own personalities and are starting to explore their world as their eyes open. This marks the beginning of the socialization process. The puppies learn from their mother about boundaries and respect, and their siblings teach them how to play nice and understand what is too rough. It is also critical to have as much human interaction as possible to develop confidence with many different people and many different situations. We continue to handle the puppies daily, and encourage our friends and family to cuddle with them. This encourages a love of people and sets the foundation for that strong bond Labradoodles are known for. During this period, we also introduce food and water to the puppies while their mother is enjoying a break.  They pick this up quickly from watching their mother eat and drink. 


The puppies also begin to spend some time in our puppy play area in our home at 5 weeks of age. This area is set up for the puppies to have a play side, a comfy bed of blankets, and a litter box potty area. The puppies are already aware of the difference between a bed area and potty area from their whelping box and within a week know to use the litter box for their bathroom.  The puppies also spend some time outside if the weather permits.

6-7 weeks

At 6 weeks, the puppies are weaned completely and are eating dry food. Over time, we are able to increase the distance between the potty and bed areas while they are still in the Nursery play area. This process greatly aids in our ability to crate/house train when the puppies are in their 7th week.  We also are starting to transition the puppies into spending some alone time in a crate at different points in their day, by first grouping them into pairs and only for short durations. We find that by doing this process gradually, the puppies are more likely to succeed quicker at crate training and learn to enjoy it, making their first nights home with their new family a more joyous experience for all. We also introduce treats during this time to strengthen the puppies' drive to please and promote eye contact, setting them up for success during our next puppy phase. 

Puppy preschool begins

At 7 weeks our puppies all receive their own collar and leash. At 8 weeks they are ready for their new homes! You will receive a puppy package at the time of pickup with everything that has been used with your puppy and that he/she is comfortable with.  During their training period, the puppies go outside regularly to potty and play with our other dogs. The puppies are completely integrated into what life will be like for them in their new families with rules and basic training before entering the arms of their new owners.

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Puppy Reservation / Pricing

A deposit of $500 is required to hold a puppy until they are ready for their new homes. We accept payment in the form of cash, local check, postal money order, VENMO and wire transfers. We will not take checks as a final payment unless there will be enough time for them to clear. Deposits are non-refundable. Please do not ask.


Families needing to board their puppy at Mountain Family after nine weeks of age may be charged an additional fee. 

Puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Breeding rights are available to approved breeders for an additional cost.  Breeding requests must be made at the initial contact and time of purchase.  Just let us know in your puppy application if you would like us to consider breeding rights for your puppy. 

Preparing For Your Fur Baby

Mountain Family Labradoodles has put much effort in making sure your transition through puppy-hood goes as smooth and pleasant as possible. Puppies can be challenging at times and many of these challenges can be lessened or even eliminated by having the right knowledge and tools at your disposal. Here are a few things you can do as a new puppy owner before your puppy comes home to make it through and even enjoy this special time with your new doodle baby.


1. Decide where your puppy will stay and where he/she will eliminate. We have practiced crate training with your puppy and recommend this method as the best method for housetraining. Your puppy’s ‘potty spot’ will be the very first place they will visit in your new home, so knowing the location before hand is essential. 


2. Choose a dog groomer and Veterinarian, and find nearby obedience classes for your puppy. The first 4 months of your puppies life is the most influential for developing his/her social skills and character, so it is important to expose them to a variety of places, people, and situations they would encounter throughout their lives early on such as grooming, bathing, and standing for the Veterinarian to have a more balanced dog in the future.


3. Get everyone in the household together to decide rules, schedule and common commands for your new puppy. A puppy without rules and boundaries is a confused and unhappy puppy and will grow into an unhappy and unmanageable companion in the future. Just like children, puppies need direction as well as love to become the best version of themselves.


4. Buy the necessary products your puppy will need. Don’t forget the treats!!!


5. Review videos and reading material on positive dog training and dog ownership. Also, help your children to understand the best way to care for and treat a puppy. Always supervise when your children play with your new puppy.


6. Puppy proof your home. Your puppy will chew on anything he/she can find within reach, so limiting their access to parts of the home with baby gates and keeping things like electric cords and other harmful objects out of reach is essential in the early stages. Buying a variety of dog toys of different textures will help distract them from your favorite pair of shoes.

Your Mountain Family Doodle comes with:

  • Veterinary Health Check

  • Current Vaccinations and De-worming

  • 1 Year Health Guarantee

  • Registration Application for Continental Kennel Club (CKC)

  • Puppy Kit with health record, food sampling, collar, leash, and "litter-scented" toy

  • A Lifetime of Continued Care and Support

  • 8 weeks of LOVE!

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