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Puppy Love

meet your next best friend!

​About Us


Welcome to Mountain Family Labradoodles! Our small family of loving labradoodles is located in wild and wonderful West Virginia. We are a small, loving family of doodle breeders. Our dogs live with us in our home and love to run the countryside with our three boys! We believe that loving our pups is the first stage of giving them a happy home.

We believe in investing the time and attention to make sure our doodles are provided a healthy, happy home with us and their forever families. We invest in the breeding process to make sure our doodle pups are provided with the best quality of life with their new forever families for a lifetime to come. Mountain Family Labradoodle has the perfect addition ready for your family to adopt!

Adopting your new BFF

Adopting a new doodle puppy into your family can be the most enjoyable​ day of your life. Let's start the process for your new fur baby!

Contact us

We can't wait to hear from you! Call or email us today!

Stay tuned... more pics coming soon! Contact us today for details to reserve your new fur baby! 

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